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Hi GT! Hi new authors and welcome!

Share with me your successes and failures of the day (or week if you prefer) I’ll start! Today I:


Successes :

  • Did a 10m yoga morning sequence.
  • Woke up without a headache for the first time in over a week!
  • Hatched a Pikachu! Caught a Meowth!
  • Been off of coffee for a week!

Failures :

  • Woke up too late to have breakfast
  • Did barely a thing at work (there’s not much to do and it’s hard to focus with pokemon running around outside!)
  • Figured I’d get some chocolate milk to satisfy my coffee urge, it actually holds more sugar than all my cups of coffee combined (and I put SO much sugar in my coffee) now I feel bad about it and I want to drink it but also don’t.. :(
  • Have to go to the dentist tonight (not so much a fail but I don’t feel like it)
  • I am, completely and utterly unmotivated in any sort of sense. Creatively with regards to design or writing. I can’t manage to get ANYTHING done.

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