Ugh... I am beat. I just spent all night cleaning my apartment. I am fairly messy on a day-to-day basis (which is something I’m working on), so when I finally do clean/tidy up it takes forever. You would think that I would naturally start picking up around the house to save myself hours of work later, but no... that would be too easy.

Two of my childhood friends from Brazil are visiting this weekend. I haven’t seen them in 10+ years, so I am incredibly nervous. I feel like we are completely different people now that we are adults, and I have no idea what their likes/dislikes are or what topics we will talk about. Just over a year ago, I visited Brazil after a long time away, and it was like this constantly. In general, people were nice, but it felt like I was hanging out with strangers. Anyone deal with a similar situation before? How do you lighten up the initial awkwardness?