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Such Food. So Buying.

Boyfriends parents came over yesterday! They are lovely people. We aren't morning-folks so when they arrived we'd just showered and shoved a bowl of cereal in our mouths and called it a day. Since we had no snacks or lunch in the house we suggested going to the market, because boyfriend knew his mom would love that. And love she did.

This is the kind of person where you shouldn't trip up and mention things such as 'I love cheese' or 'that looks nice' or 'I'd rather have such than such' because she will be BUYING IT ALL FOR YOU. She's a woman who feels that you should always have snacks in the house because what if you want to have a snack and you have nothing? Or someone comes over and you have nothing to offer?? To which we replied with a "I'll go out and buy it, it's fine". But the state of our fridge and pantry made her uncomfortable.

Crazy me even suggested going to the baker for some pastries for lunch before I knew all this about her. And so we did. When she ordered 10 pieces with an assortment of choices (while we would only be eating 3) I figured 'oh she means to take some of these delicious pastries home'.

No Gt. She wasn't bringing anything home.

I LOVE FOOD. This is basically me :


But I make sure not to have too many snacks in the house for fear of eating them all in one sitting. 1 bag of chips for me and 1 for the guy is enough. As is one type of ice-cream for each. That's just plenty. Throwing untouched food out makes me feel spoilt and wasteful. Which happens a lot since we already buy more than we eat on a regular basis.

I now have 6 untouched pastries. A box of macarons. Cashews (I already had assorted nuts which she knew), more nuts, a bunch of pieces of herring. 4 types of icecream (she wanted to make a sundae after we went out to dinner and she needed strawberry and vanilla. I went along cause she really wanted it). 2 big pieces of cheese. Sirrup wafels (stroopwafels, its dutch, its awesome, look it up). Several bottles of soda. I'm not even sure what else is hiding around the house! Moderation is not in this lady's dictionary folks.

This is the story of how I got fat GT. Mark my words.


ETA. Who wants a pastrie? I have strawberry, banana cream, chocolate, apple, a tompouse and something else.

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