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Such second date,Very much going on it tonight Wish me much luck

(I will probably poof this later, but needed a place to vent anxieties.) Finally, finally going on a second date tonight with Turkish Tinder dude, he of the randomly great hookup sex from 3 weeks ago.

Why oh why Internet, am I now a nervous wreck? I mean usually when I’m in second date mode, I’m getting stressed because I’m getting stuck playing the should I sleep with him and when game. Here, that ship has sailed and it was great and not super wierd, and it won’t be wierd tonight unless I make it wierd. So I shouldnt make it wierd right? Simple enough.

In sum, I am tremendously great at thinking myself out of good situations. I get increasingly stressed and anxious, until the only solution I can see is to cut all ties.


Is there a way to monetize this skill?

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