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I have spent the last two days sleeping on the sofa off and on. Have I done any of the lots of cleaning I need to do? No. Have I done any of the work for school I need to do? No. I have been a lazy lazy person.

Services and rehearsals were cancelled today because of the weather, so instead of making up for yesterday's laziness and doing stuff, I went back to bed. For behold, I have turned into a great lump of blah that sits on the sofa and eats the pizza it ordered on Friday night.


I just got the call that school is cancelled for tomorrow, so my lack of working on lesson plans or anything has just been rewarded. Since I now know that I have all day tomorrow to do stuff, I will now continue to goof off, participate in Sherlock-a-thon, and make popcorn for dinner since I ate the last of the pizza I actually ordered (they gave me an extra pizza that I did NOT order as well, but it's got all banana peppers and stuff on it, and I don't like banana pepper and am a bit sick of pizza) and making anything else will require doing dishes, which is not happening.

The glamorous life, I haz it.

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