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New Jersey is the arm~pit, laughing stock of the North East ( okay, okay, our entire nation.)

Guess what? NJ truly is The Garden State. Mountains, beaches, farmland, horses & everything in between. I will fight to the tomato death over this. Fisticuffs, yes. JERSEY TOMATO FISTICUFFS! NJ Tomatoes are the best, followed only by our Summer sweet corn.

My friend was singing the praises of Steak~Friend Wednesday, and how a person can’t make friends with a salad. Soooo wrong, was he! WRONG.


Jersey Tomatoes, GT, Jersey tomatoes.

Add a lil’ buffalino mozz...perfection. I’m a blurry person who takes blurry phone peetures. That’s why I make the pretty, not the peektures :)

What is your State’s Pride? That you are proud of? What will you go to the mats for to prove your State is Supreme, ending in a verbal cage match?

(Mine is NJ tomatoes & corn.)

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