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Suck it Sunday

Anyone have any end of weekend complaints? I sure do. It’s way too hot outside. And I have an annoying saga with my wheelchair wheels. So I have bicycle tires on my chair. They went bald and so I started hounding my parents to get me new ones. After over a month of my dad debating a bike shop, my mom ordered them over the phone to the wheelchair company that I got my wheelchair from. They arrived last week. I went back home on Friday and my dad and my boyfriend put them on. New tires are so much better. But one of the new tunes had a pin hole in it. We think it came that way. He decided to take a tube from the old tires but keep the new tube and patch it. That was Friday afternoon. All was well until I went to pee at 11 pm. One wheel completely moved with me. Thankfully boyfriend can completely support me if need be. I assumed it was the one with old tube. But yesterday my dad fixed it by putting in patches tube. Nope. It was the other new one. And when trying to find hole it was in a terrible place and shredded. He put in patch tube.  That lasted almost a day. It just failed again.  I discovered this when my dad was helping me pee which was extra horrid because I need to support myself more with him. So I was a bit afraid of falling.  Obviously we don’t want to go through the same people. Complain to them.  But not order.  So now we need to find a bike shop.  Today is Community day though in pogo and really hot.  So I think it will wait for tomorrow.  We have a bicycle pump at least and my dad isn’t the one to help me pee until Thursday.  So I should be able to make it.  But I’m afraid we will have to go to multiple places or something. We’ll start with the non downtown one. I’m really pissed.  I really cannot move at all without wheelchair.  And my whole issue is balance so I need to be extra careful with any seating transfers and such when one side moves back at the slightest provocation.  


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