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Sucky job sucks.

As some of you may know, I'm the training supervisor at a large hotel. Yesterday, I got called into my boss's office. I had told her that I'd like to speak with her, so I assumed we would talk about my thing and be done. I told her my plans to go back to school in the spring, and said that I would need to work part time. She said we could figure that out after I get my schedule. I thought we were done.

We weren't. She continued to tell me that another employee, we'll call him A, complained to her that I had been "condescending and rude" to him over the weekend. She also said that someone else complained that I "hadn't helped" at all this weekend. On Saturday, I told A that he "may want to look at" doing something, because it was "already nine o'clock." He snapped at me and said, "Yeah, okay! I'm getting to it!" For months, I have been told to be more assertive at my job. Now I'm being told that I'm too bossy. My boss also brought up that I "wasn't helping" but when I asked for examples she had none. She also said that I complain about standing all day when I have to stand all day, and that I shouldn't tell other employees that I'm sick. Months ago, I got very upset, and the other manager that evening kept prompting me to talk to him. "What's wrong? Why are you upset? You have to talk to me!" and I told him repeatedly, in an increasingly loud voice, to "leave me alone." My boss brought up that I'm "extremely volatile" and if I want to continue to move up I can't get upset. Additionally, she keeps changing her expectations of my job. When I was first promoted to this position, I was told I would not be at the desk while I had a trainee. Then I was told that 50% of my shift should be spent at the front desk. Yesterday I was told that when the trainee is doing the mandatory online training, I should be at the front desk, in addition to whenever I don't have a trainee, in addition to 50% of my shift. I told her that I felt like another front desk agent, and that it made no sense to have me fold key packets for 4 hours a day when I could be doing something more complicated. I told her that I am sick, and I am physically unable to stand at the front desk all night, and that she had originally told me I didn't need to provide a doctor's note.


I don't know how I was not helping and yet making sure things got done. I don't know how to be more assertive without telling anyone what to do. I don't know how to work for this woman anymore.

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