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Sudden Move, Advice?

Hiya GT, if y’all wouldn’t mind, I could use some advice from the hivemind.

I found out tonight, that the 6-week timeline I thought I had for moving out of this house and into *someplace* else is now 2 weeks.


Long story slightly shorter, Homeowner-roommie is filing for bankruptcy that day, and the family member helping her is stipulating that *in order for them to offer help* she can’t have ANYONE else living here.

So I’m essentially getting informally evicted in two weeks, rather than just moving out for Jan 1, like the original plan.


But now I’m scrambling. I have 2 weeks to pack, apartment hunt, move, get my assignments done for school, find a second job, and keep the wheels from falling off my life entirely.

The advice I need right now:

Have and of y’all apartment hunted with both a financial judgement and HORRIBLE credit, and how did you get anyone to even look at your application?


I tend to just be brutally honest and open, whenever I know anyone will have to pull my credit, and let them know it’s horrible right now, because of my “job loss, then college” recent-ish history, is that the right track to take?

Is there a good way to get folks to understand that my dog IS truly a good dog, and that she WON’T destroy property, so that they’ll give us a chance? She’s s lab, and so many of the ads I’ve been seeing are either “no dogs,” or “no dogs over 40 lbs!”


A biiiiiit of a problem, with a dog who’s always been 70-ish lbs as an adult-puppo.

(She’s been daytime-kenneled most of her life, with rare incidences of no kennel or a forgotten closing of the kennel. Even on THOSE days, the *worst* she ever did was trash-diving in the kitchen, or turd-burgling from the former cats’ litter boxes. Seriously, that was IT since she’s been an adult (age 2+) dog. She IS a very good girl.


What have you guys done in the past that you advise, or advise against, when/if you had to move suddenly?

Anything you wish you could do over?

Thanks in advance!!!💓💖💗

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