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Sudden Popularity

Remember back when there used to be a drop-down menu on the main page that'd show a ranked list of many people were reading what particular article? They got rid of that one pretty quick — I heard all the writers hated it. Anyways, it used to be interesting to see the different traffic patterns for different articles and to see what struck a nerve somewhere and what passed unnoticed. I took this screenshot back then because I couldn't figure out why a months-old article was suddenly blowing up to the extent that it dwarfed all other traffic for days. Turns out that no less of a personage than George Takei had simply linked to it from his Facebook page.

On that note, the latest redesign also has a short list of popular articles sitting under the logo. For the past day or so, a couple of old exposes trashing photographer Terry Richardson have been right up there at the top. I'm happy to see this surge of attention, and hopefully it'll do something to dent his insane, inexplicable success and popularity. Anyone know where these links are coming from? Inquiring minds want to know.


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