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Sudden Popularity, pt. II

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Ever notice something funny going on with the bar up top that ranks the current most popular articles? By funny, I mean when a post from a couple years back is suddenly #1 on the list. A while ago, George Takei fucking slammed them with one link from his Facebook page, and I've never seen anything like it before or since.


In any case, the other day I noticed this post from 2012 in the top spot. It was about those times when rape victims have posted to Reddit in search of advice, which turned out about as poorly as you might expect. Fast forward to now, when I see this article on Salon titled "The worst things that have ever happened on Reddit." That itself was a summary of this thread, the open question of "What was Reddit's lowest moment?" Turns out that bump in traffic came from Reddit users reliving some of the most crapulent times in their history. Anyway, in case anyone else out there noticed the same thing and wondered why, that seems to be the explanation for it.

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