Sue Perkins is a well known personality in Great Britain. She's one half of the hosting team on the Great British Baking Off on BBC One, one of the loveliest shows to ever exist (if you ignore Bingate. You know what you did, Diana!). She's also the latest woman run off Twitter due to heinous, outrageous death threats.

Earlier this spring, Jeremy Clarkson was finally fired from Top Gear, an extremely popular car show. Known for his brash attitude, the BBC finally sacked him after he assaulted an employee on the show. The many male fans of Top Gear are bereft and it looks as if the show may not come back at all. Clarkson's co-presenters, James "Captain Slow" May and Richard Hammond have said they would not return to the show without him. So what is a Top Gear fan to do but post death threats against any possible female host? Increasingly, this is the price to pay for women who dare exist on social media and it's sickening.


Sue Perkins, who is AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT, has been floated as one of the possible people to take over for Clarkson. Popular bookmakers in London have given her good odds for the job even though there has been no official announcement from the BBC about the future of Top Gear. Literally, this is a bunch of gearheads losing their shit at the mere unofficial whisper of a woman entering their domain. Top Gear fans are notoriously rabid and a vast majority are still upset that Clarkson is gone. Apparently punching a subordinate is just no big deal to them.

After weathering some truly terrible death threats, Perkins has gone off Twitter for the time being. Again, these threats were based on the SUGGESTION that she may be in the RUNNING to be on the show. Perkins says the idea of hosting Top Gear is one she wouldn't even consider and calls any stories saying she would as " utterly fabricated".

Thankfully, many have Perkin's back. James May himself has come out against the abuse (and thus received threats of his own. Because threatening a co-host of the show you love so much totally makes sense).


For now, the future of Top Gear is uncertain but having fans foaming at the mouth and flailing on their keyboards like children doesn't really help their cause. Top Gear fans, you are better than the likes of Gamergate. Especially when their target is Sue Perkins, one of the most wonderful women on British TV right now. As a woman fan of the show, I'd be fine with it never coming back after these awful shenanigans from "fans". And on that bombshell, it's time to end. Thank you very much for reading, good night!