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Mr. Stabby came home with a "new" Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book - Happy Birthday Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. "That can't be right," said I, "because Betty MacDonald died in 1958. Let me see that." The book says "By Betty MacDonald and Anne MacDonald Canham." So I turn to the publishing page and see that it's basically all written by Anne MacDonald Canham. And the stories are awful. Not paced right. Not enough action. The "cures" are all wrong. The whole thing just falls flat. I feel bad doing this, because apparently this was Betty MacDonald's daughter writing in tribute to her mother, but I made Mr. Stabby put it away before Kid Stabby could pick it up. I just couldn't let her read it. It sullies the originals. Not only that, but apparently the person who illustrated this new book has redone the covers for the original series of books and they are putting out the newly illustrated covers now instead of the Hilary Knight illustrated ones.

I guess I am a book snob to the extreme but I don't care. Betty MacDonald is a treasure and her books don't need an inferior coda. Hilary Knight's covers are classic and wonderful and do not need an inferior update.


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