I normally make my own soups as canned ones are just - meh. Too salty, rubbery meat and mushy vegetables just aren't my thing. However, having been sick, there was no way I was going to be standing in the kitchen chopping and cooking, so canned/pouched soup it was.

Has anyone here ever eaten 1/2 a can of soup and saved the rest for later??? Are you the people who actually like make a sandwich or something else to eat with it? Why is a can TWO servings? I know, a CUP is a serving, but still, I can't buy it as a single serving (not that it would fill me up anyway) and the idea of leaving half of it in the fridge... bah.

Also annoying, any "small" bag - whether it be chips, nuts, granola - that is 2 (sometimes 3 or more!) servings in what looks like a single serve package.

Lastly - not really but enough of my complaining - PopTarts. DON'T put two in a foil package that can't be resealed if I'm not supposed to eat two!

Join me, and unleash your indignation, GT, or just tell me to quit whining and eat normal portion sizes - your choice.