Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It is Procession time again and I have designed my costume for this year. Unfortunately I cannot draw to save my life, but we are going to be Hyacinth Macaws (think the blue parrot from the movie Rio)

Every couple of year I think I should do an online portfolio of my designs - some of my cosplay work but especially my Procession stuff, which is more out of the ordinary and more creative (god, that sound pretentious). The question is, what platform should I use? My facebook is not set to public and I don’t post about my fannish stuff under my RL name. I set up a Tumblr, but then immediately got sucked into reposting pictures of pretty men. I have Pinterest but it’s really a bulletin board of inspiration for me, not a portfolio site.


I am really limited technologically so I don’t know of another website that might work for me. I’m not really looking to sew professionally via the internet (too many horror stories of people getting stiffed), but I would like a way to display my work. Any suggestions? TYIA!


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