Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I just wrote the Daily Dump and it took me almost 3 hours. So I thought of an idea on how to improve the process of writing these things. I know we are supposed to edit and not include everything but I didn't want to leave anyone out without asking. I suggest that we utilize tags to let the writer know whether you want you post included in the daily dump. So when you write a post, if you want it included in that day's daily dump just put "Daily Dump" as one of your tags. Then when you write a Daily Dump you simply use that tag and write all the posts since the last one. What do you guys think?


(Also this paragraph is also at the end of the dump but it is a bit tl;dr so I made a separate post)

UPDATE: For a lot of reasons it doesn't seem like the tag system would work. Oh well!

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