I have made the decision to have baryatric surgery, and I meet with the surgeon tomorrow. I made this decision some time ago and although I know it is controversial, I would appreciate people keeping horror stories out of my thread, ok?? Y'all can make your own thread.

I've been invisible in pictures for the last twenty years of my life, and I want to document my progress using a series of selfies that I can eventually animate. I've seen such cool ones that people have posted or linked to on here, though I can't remember their reasons for making the sequences โ€” I don't think it was weight loss. Anyway - since this is something I'll be doing every day, I'm thinking about what would be both easy (I've NEVER taken a selfie!) and visually interesting. Maybe in front of my window?? there are trees there, so one would see the seasons change. Maybe practicing mandolin? I think I have a way to do that. Wearing the same shirt seems boring... what say you, GT? You're the smartest dames I know!