I watched the election in the company of one of my closest friends who is a black, gay man. When it became apparent what was happening, his face went pale and I thought he was going to faint. I have a lot of queer friends (including some married since Obergefell) and friends of color. I have one friend whose parents are undocumented (fled violence in Venezuela). I have another friend who is same sex married to an immigrant who would otherwise be illegal.

I know that the pain, shock, and hopelessness I’m feeling is tenfold for them.

I made sure to tell that first guy above I love him the next day. I want to reach out in some way that is not some public proclamation of I WILL SAVE YOU like so many white people I know are doing. I want to reach out in a way that is not futile or condescending. I have addressed the role I think white liberals played in this election on FB, but a white person’s political rant on FB is, I’m sure, of little comfort.

Other than putting my money where my mouth is in my community and helping with long-term goals, does anyone have specific suggestions other than just be a friend, be supportive, etc, for short-term comfort?

ETA: Apologize for saying “illegal” above (leaving it so I can own up to it). I know better than that.