Job update: I will be working at a project-based progressive private school 5 blocks from my house during the next school year. I am excited, but I still feel pretty burned by my last job (I cannot over-emphasize how much of a surprise not getting my contract renewed was.)

My last day was Tuesday and it was SO SAD. I liked my kids and co-workers, but you are basically disposable without tenure (another teacher decided to go from a half-time job share to full-time and it was an easy choice between me and her since she’s been there almost 20 years.)  This was the hardest 40-something days of my professional life. Completely deflating.

Well, I will be having the longest summer break I’ve ever had since I was a student. I have more than a month before I head off to Turkey.

I should be studying Turkish, but I kinda just want to sleep the entire time.

Anyways, hi!