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Summer clothes. How do I do this?

For many, many years, my standard outfit was jeans and a t-shirt. I had one black and blue dress that I'd throw on if I had to, and the only reason I liked that was because it had pockets.

Over past year, I've gotten more into fashion. I started wearing make-up. I picked up shirts that didn't have Portal references on them. I dyed my hair and started to learn how to do something to it besides put it in a ponytail.

This winter, I had a blast, because I found it easy to find cute sweaters. ModCloth had a sale every other week, it seemed, so I quickly had a really cute winter wardrobe. Summer is not looking as easy.


I'm chesty, so I require a bra at all times. I don't have a flat stomach, so skin-tight doesn't work for me. Everything I see, though, seems to assume I can either go without a bra or do sit-ups all the time. That, or they're high collared, which does NOT look good on me.

So, where do you get your summer clothes, people? I don't like going to the mall, so I prefer online shopping. I tend to make better choices at home.

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