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Summer of '42 Who Saw It or Read Book? Thoughts? Mine Have Changed Since 1st Viewing

I remember seeing this movie on tv with my grandmother. (Oh wow second post about watching a film with her, there will be more). She liked the movie. I do think the theme song by Henry Mancini is one of the more beautiful themes.

The theme music is in the video which is also composed of still photos from the movie. Being that I first watched it in the 80s I have lumped it in with the zillions of coming of age movies during that era. Although this was a true story and was made in 1971.


Herman Raucher wrote the screenplay then the novel. He was Hermie an early.teen. He and his friend wanted to have sex with two other teens and part of the movie focuses on it.

The big focus is on Dorothy played by Jennifer O’Neal. She is circa mid20s, husband is in the war. That’s WW2. She befriends Hermie and he is smitten.

One evening he goes over to her house. She is in tears. There is a US letter saying her husband was killed in action.

Now for those who saw this you will never forget this scene. The danced slowly both crying. She takes his hand and she leads him to her bedroom for sex.


I was a teen watching it and saw it with a teens eye I was 14 or 15.   It was probably still is the saddest love scene (its implied) and poignant. I loved how poignant it was.

Now I am conflicted. Early teens for me implies about 14. Should a coming of.age story about sex involve a boy about 14 and a woman mid20s? Yes the circumstances were extraordinary. Yet this is sexual abuse by her. Yet at the time I saw it I found it poignant. The entire scene was filmed to be poignant.

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