Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's disgusting here. The rain is like a nasty film covering everything. Days like these I regret not living close to the subway. However, it's also days like these that make me think of all the summer trips I want to take. The energy I have in the summer is probably triple what I have in the winter. And this winter was long and rough (idk, have you heard about this winter yet??) so I feel extra antsy. Unfortunately, I also should concentrate on work but all I can think of is PLAN FUN THINGS SUNSHINE BEACH WOW MUCH HAPPY.

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So far on my docket I have a Europe/Mediterranean trip, a bachelorette party in Austin, and a birthday weekend in Miami. Part of me thinks I might be overdoing it, but I get 3 weeks of vacation sooo why not, right??

Anybody else have spring fever dreams like me??

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