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Summer party in my mouth

is imminent. I just ordered these.

A friends~ly here on Groupthink recommended Skinny Cow Fudge Pops to me to help with my chocolate jones. Gaawwd, are they delicious! Then I saw this recipe. While not “skinny”, it sure is frozen fudgey:


Months ago, I asked everybody here to recommend an Immersion Blender and y’all delivered. This is what I got (though I paid $40 for it back then):

Then, my Culinary Boyfriend, Mark Bittman, made these...WATERMELON POPS!!! :


So in summary, my new molds, blender & love of all things sweet & cold in my summer party mouth have hit PEAK wonderful.

What are your summer mouth favorites? Liquid, ice or solid?

(As an aside, my AC blew a fuse. Being the bad~ass that I can be, I went down the creaky stairs in darkness batting spider webs I could only feel, not see, to flip the breaker. Fuck you, potential spiders!)


ETA: Raised by Heathens Lifestyle Guru added some excellent iced~tea~pop recipes:


ETA 2: From Dr. Sattler....Booze Pops!!!!

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