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I’m very fortunate in that I can go for a swim and a picknick during my lunchbreak. From the little bridge in the background - that’s where you can jump into the river. Or use one of the ladders on the side, of course. If I’m not meeting a client I’ll bring my waterproof riverbag and swimmstuff to work and go swimming at midday. You swim down with the current to one of the wooden platforms in the foreground and hope that your waterproof bag is actually, well.... waterproof and you have still dry clothes to get back to work.
Today I brought my lunch - a Turkish beet salad with shredded cooked beet, yoghurt, garlic, a bit of olive oil and chopped walnuts. It makes my summers so good to be able to swim and have my lunch by the river! What little things make summer and/or work more enjoyable for you? Any favourite work lunches?


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