I live in a small apt. complex where we are very lucky to have the space for a community garden. It has really brought the neighbors together in a way that just wouldn't happen without it. Even the "brown-thumbs" and those too busy/disinterested to grow stuff like to come out and talk and ask questions about all of the plants that are growing. The variety is great!

The problem is powdery mildew. I know of a good organic spray, but as of now, I cannot afford it for myself, let alone to share with everyone (though I wish I could!). Every plot has a few infected plants. I have managed to convince everyone to go organic and I am super happy about that. For a while some were using Seven and some other poisonous monsanto crap, but they have changed their ways! So my question is, do you guys know of a cheap diy recipe to stamp out this widespread fungus we have? We have thyme and rosemary growing in abundance, and I know that those two herbs were main ingredients in the organic spray I used to have, fyi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!