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Sun. AM OT

Good morning everyone! How’s your Sun. looking?

We had a gigantic thunderstorm come through at 4:30 this morning so I woke up waaaaay too early. But I made pancakes, topped with fresh Palisade peaches, and that made those wee hours a bit more bearable.


I was able to go back to sleep at 7:30 but had a mega long anxiety dream. The dream was all about travel (not having my phone, not being able to get ahold of Homey or a ride to the airport, not knowing which airline I was flying, forgetting my luggage, etc., etc. And! Once I found Homey in the airport and was still going through these mini-crises, he kept popping up with weird-for-him outfits and asking what I thought. “What do you think of my giant black cowboy hat? Does this leather corset seem too big to you?”). I think that dream lasted for 2+ hours so I finally just got out of bed because, omg, NOT restful! :P

Anywhoozles, how are y’all? What’s up in your world today?

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