Mr. 4th’s son is going to marry in July. We adore her. I adore them both, duh. Mr. 4th is paying for the Band ($$$$) & the rehearsal dinner & a generous cash gift.

My gift to his eldest son & lovely woman is ALL the flower arrangements...bouquets, boutonnières, corsages & centerpieces. 12 centerpieces, 4 bouquets & boutonnieres, indeterminate parent & grandparent wearable flowlers, plus the Bride Bouquet. I’ve done this before. Trust; there will be beauty.

My future daughter~love wants Sunflowers in the main & this is the center of which I am to build around. Sunshine & happy~times & feeds the birds! So great :) Sunflowers are a big, power~flower. Looking for complimentary blossoms. I’ve got some in mind, but I’d LOVE to see what you all come up with:) Her bridesmaids are wearing a deep cherry red, so that is on my list as well, as per the Bride, for a compliment in the bouquets:)

Again, her theme is Sunflowers, the BIG ones. I’ve already researched the receptacles for the centerpieces, so that’s pretty much done. I’ve researched all else, too, but need y’all for clarity.


They are lovely kids who have asked for nothing, but happily accepted our offers to help. I, myself, am very excited! I do this kind of shit for a living & can make the pretty for them at 25% of what they would have paid. So, yay!

What I’m asking for from you is....MORE IDEAS, please!!! You all are so very creative, & I WANT your ideas. ALL YOUR IDEAS!!!! xoxo