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Sunday DBT postponed until tomorrow

I’m doing some emergency work at my one job (apparently everyone screwed up this week, so they needed the ringer. I run things right and fast.) Which means I’m not at my computer and after work I basically pass out because it’s a physically demanding job. I might book an appointment with a massage therapist this week, because I still have 12 hours of work, and whoa, I’m not as young I use to be and my health insurance will pay for it! Doing some stretches in between to avoid injury, but it’s still out of my fitness level.

If you are looking for the post, it will be up tomorrow.

If you want to complain about cleaning up other people’s messes at work please feel free to complain!


Have a great weekend!

If you went to FanExpo this weekend wasn’t it great? I was there on Friday. Had a blast, didn’t see Mads Mikklesen, but oh well.

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