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Sunday Evening BALKER review: A weekend in the country.

Hey guys, I'm just here to let you know about what we're doing over at Backtalk and if you want to come over and say hi! We'd love to see you! Between traveling on the New Jersey turnpike and having my characters have rap battles on Tomodachi Life, it's hectic but I still have a chance to read and review all these great stories.

This post is a mod-approved of consolidating our shares and also give you a chance to see the best of what we have to offer! We usually do two or three a week! So it doesn't include everything and not even all the exciting things but things! THINGS! So let's start:

Sunday is a lovely day on Backtalk. We have our Sunday Evening Poetry Shitshow and I wrote about my history of loving heavy metal music. I found out there are some HUGE fans of the New Wave of British Heavy metal which filled my heart with GLEEE!!!! And a Game of Thrones video for you guys. I heard you like dragons. And mud kips. And sadly, we mourned the loss of James Garner as well.


Saturday was a day FULL OF PROMIS! Ok, I don't know if that is true but I posted excessively. We did talk about weird shit we believed as kids. We had another awesome stoner recap of the Gilmore Girls. Oh yes, friends. And it was Matcaturday! with Mammatus Clouds!

Friday night was fun. Bishface Bobby stopped by to be catlike and adorable. And we had late night secrets—it was SUPERFUN! LEARN ABOUT OUR EVIL WAYS, And I heard you kids like EMOJIS. Check out this handy guide.


There is other stuff but I'm off to not watch True Blood. God, man, Sookie is the absolute worst. Please talk about your disappointment in the comments, if you so are inclined.

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