Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sunday evening complainy-pants

1). My belly is not happy with me. Shut up, belly. That chocolate was a gift and totally intended to be eaten in one sitting. That's why friends give you massive bars of chocolate when you're upset.

2) there is a moth in my living room. Death to moths!

3) I made an amazon wish list since you all are wonderful and are asking to help me out but I have no idea how it works. I am a bad charitable investment because I can't even ask for help right. *le sigh*


4) Schroeder is on vacation, so I didn't get my eye candy today, nor did I get my weekly dose of awkward banter. The fact that his banter level always goes down by a factor of ten when other people can hear does not make this less annoying

5) I have masses of laundry to do and if I don't do it tomorrow at the latest I will be going to work naked on Tuesday. Which will not look professional.


6) my favorite aunt, the one I'm really close to, the one who survived uterine cancer that was already at stage four when it was discovered... Her husband has been having memory issues and dementia and they thought it was effects from anesthesia when he had knee surgery. Turns out he's been having mini-strokes for months. So he's had to quit his job and she's going to have to take a leave of absence to take care of him.

7) my car is on its last legs because I needed one more thing to stress over

8) I am really fucking tired of people I love getting dementia far too young. Or at all.


9) it is now Monday. Fuck Monday.

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