How’s everyone’s weekend been? Any dinner plans nailed down? I’m making greek lemon chicken skewers, brown rice and greek salad for dinner. I’ve also got some pita bread that I’m going to brush with some garlic oil, as well as hummus and makings for a garlic yogurt dip. Dessert is some key lime pie gelato that was on sale. I’m stoked. I think I might make myself a vodka soda here in a bit too.

My OT: I’m feeling the post college blues pretty hard for all the expected reasons (I miss my friends, I miss my classes, I’m nervous about grad school applications, job pickings are slim and I currently don’t make nearly enough, school was a reliable source of validation and identity and now that it’s gone I’m starting to feel like “who the fuck am I?”). But, I am trying my damnedest to keep on the up and up by doing stuff I like (see above ambitious dinner menu) and forcing myself out of the house. It’s working okay, but I’m wanting to get to a place where I feel like I can enjoy this year off I’m taking before I go for grad school. My energy levels are just kind of all over the place- sometimes I feel okay and can access my coping skills relatively well, and other times I’m having to scrape myself out of bed with every ounce of effort in me. I saw my three best girl friends from school last night which was wonderful and much needed. I’m also going back to therapy starting in a few weeks, which should be helpful in terms of unpacking what I’m feeling. It just sucks right now and I feel like I have to get through this crappy feeling, uncomfortable place caused by all of these big life changes.

I think the state of the world and my grandpa’s surgery have wiped me out too. My aunt continues to abdicate her responsibilities onto my already-overloaded mom, and there’s only so much I can do beyond what I’m currently doing- I don’t have paid leave right now but I’m taking a few half days and making them up with longer shifts so I can go help some next week.


Chat about whatever.