1) Started watching The Secret Circle on netflix and I have questions: So, there's 6 witchy families that have formed these circles each generation for the past several hundred years. How are they not hopelessly in-bred? I demand a family tree. Also, are all newly-discovered blonde witches who have a mysterious destiny which begins unfolding when they move to a new school named Cassie? Is Michael Fassbender going to show up and demand lovings? Mostly, this show just makes me want to watch Hex.

2) So..... ummm....... how does one become approachable? Like, the last person to ask me out was Asshole, and that was about 18 years ago. And before that, I went on exactly ONE date. The sum total of male persons who have actually asked me out is four. FOUR. That averages out to one every 9.5 years. If this trend continues, by the time I get another date I'll be in a nursing home. I used to think I never got approached because I wasn't pretty, but I'm no less attractive than any number of other women who don't have any problems getting dates. (And the first person who broaches the subject of online dating will be slapped with a fish. Not happening. At least not right now.) I'm friendly, I promise.

3) The Nanobots are with my parents until Thursday. I miss my babies. :(