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Sunday Fantasy Football (Or Anything Else) Trash-Talking Thread

It's Sunday, Sunday, gotta trash talk on Sunday.

Look, Lesbian Shitasses coaches, our trash talk has been pretty weak. I'm certainly including me in that assessment. So it's time to step up the game. This week, the Devious Weasels will rout Cruz to Victory. We will embarrass them so badly they will decide to give up football and find some other pursuit. It will be a defeat that haunts their sleepless nights, causing them to raise a fist to the air and shout 'Why? WHY?'. Their lamentations will fall upon deaf ears, as the universe cares not which fantasy football team wins a game. And I will laugh at their tears. On yes. I will.

So, bring your trash talk on, either about football or anything in general you want to trash talk about.


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