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sunday feels like holiday

I ended up doing nothing last night which suited me just fine (besides make plans for next week to go drink cocktails and to go have korean bbq! Thanks Nothip for the tip!) because this morning I woke up well rested.

I petted the cat (picture proof) showered and went out to go get breakfast. I sat outside in the sun (for 2 hours), reading and devouring a massive breakfast for basically the same I would have spent on breakfast with the ex. Except I got to sit outside, relax, read, look at dogs walking by and listen two elderly gentlemen discussing new music by various composers and the columns they were going to write about it. It was so great!


Now i am on my way to go sit in the sun with a friend and a beer. At 1 in the afternoon :D

what are you up to beautiful gt people? :D

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