Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve been shaking every one of my tail feathers for about 10 days now, so I haven’t been around here, my favorite imaginary playground. So, Hiya! *waves crazily

I was hoping for a rest, but we planned a Birthday Party (86!) for Mr. 4th’s Mom before both of us knew we’d be working this weekend. So yesterday was work stuff in the morning, shopping & cooking. Today is transporting all that with 2 giant big~noses through Sunday beach traffic. A 40 minute trip could take me 2 hours (oooof.) Then decorate & grill stuff down by the pool in the Mr.’s community complex.

I can’t wait to go swimming with a cocktail, man. I’m hanging up my chef hat at 4pm and calling my personal cocktail hour :)


What are you all up to? I’ve missed you!!!

Here are the flowlers I made

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