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Sorry it’s so late! I got distracted by a smutty romance novel and lost track of the time.

Goals this week - folks, it’s 3 weeks to my vacation. I need to get my shit together with my junk food habit and feel better about my beach body. I don’t have expectations of losing any great amount of weight between now and then, but fuck I work out daily and eat healthy and then self-sabotage with junk food. Stopping the self-sabotage will do wonders for my self image.

The spare bedroom (AKA the room I use as a closet) is a hot mess and I need to work on the clutter. It’s the room that things just end up in since I can close the door and pretend it isn’t a mess. I don’t really have a concrete goal for this room, but I know I can devote some time to improving it.


MAJOR GOAL of the week: be in bed by 10pm every work night this week. If I can do this, I will be one happy lady.

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