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Sunday matinee - sense of humor

What movies are the best example of your sense of humor? This subject came up at work recently, and I wanted to share.

I have told this story before. I had a “date” movie. It wasn’t so much a snuggle on the couch movie as a movie to tell how compatible we were.

Basically, if they didn’t get the humor in Clue they wouldn’t get my sense of humor. I was on a first date with someone, I cooked dinner, and we were going to watch a movie at my place. I told her to look through my dvds to see if she saw anything she wanted to see. She started looking, and then I heard, “Oh! You have Clue! I love Clue! Can we watch it?” Bralock and I have now been married for four and a half years.


Next is my old “watch it anytime, every time” standard. I don’t care when it is on tv if I have missed three quarters of it. Once I come across this movie I know what I am doing until it is over.

The bit about how the young doctor hasn’t touched his food gets me every time. How can you help but laugh at “Puttin On The Ritz” or Igor singing in the hidden library?


Lastly, a modern classic in my home. The story of the release of this one is all about bad timing. It was originally scheduled for release on September 21st, 2001. A plot point involves hijacking a plane. Yeah, it didn’t come out until six months later with very little press.

This movie makes me laugh so, so hard. I have seen it maybe two or three dozen times. It is an adaption of a Dave Barry book and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Every time almost anyone new walks on screen you will know them. Do yourself a favor, and watch this movie. You won’t look at Martha Stewart the same way again.


What movies best represent your sense of humor?

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