Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sunday Morning Check In

Hi all. What is on your plate this Sunday?

It is abnormally warm and humid for October in my area. It looks like this high pressure ridge will break in the later half of the week but it will still be near 80 degrees Fahrenheit until late in the week in the mid-Atlantic /weather nerd. It’s going to make it gross while canvassing today. I’m expecting Republicans to be more hostile than usual today. Sigh.


In other news I’ll be visiting my friend in Connecticut at the end of the week. I’ve never been in New England in the fall before so I am excited.

Update: Canvassed 45 houses today in a heavily Republican neighborhood. Talked to a little less than half, lots of people not home. It was overall fine, though I was called evil at 2 of them.

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