Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday Morning OT

How is everyone spending the filling of their three-day weekend sandwich :-P Assuming you have a long weekend, if not, how will you spend your Sunday!

I’m feeling very hippie today. This morning I’m going to pick up my first CSA share of the season, which comes from a farm near New Paltz, NY. Supposedly it will include both cultivated and foraged stuff including herbs for teas! I’m excited. We did a CSA in our old neighborhood but it was just too much food to use up. This time we are going to split with our friends if needed.


After that, I’m catching a ride with a friend to a party up in Woodstock that some of our mutual friends are throwing. There will be a live band providing music and I’m excited to just dance and have a good time. I also secured crash space with friends of a friend and I’m bringing them vegan shortbread cookies as a thank you.

I hope the weather near all of you is as beautiful as it is here in NYC! 

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