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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday Morning OT/Rants

Why is everyone pissing me the fuck off this morning? It’s like they are testing my patience.

Baby Bock just learned to run. She’s a total toddler with tantrums to match. 15 mo. old and a little nightmare if she wants to me. This morning, husband gives her his cell phone. This pisses me off because she’s not only not supposed to have it but he will also take it away when she annoys him with it leading to 15 min of screaming. Like, if you never offered, it wouldn’t be so enticing. STOP IT. He also put all the sippies in the dishwasher at once. So she was completely thirsty until he emptied it. WTF husband? Why would you do that?

I’m trying to apply for jobs which has turned into a second job since my employer has decided to do basically nothing about an employee who is being a nightmare. It’s a toxic situation for all, morale is down, and while I actually LOVE my job and my supervisor is great (her hands are tied if the Powers That Be won’t do shit), this is just not sustainable long term. I have no idea how to apply for jobs that would require location because I feel like they won’t be interested in me. I have substantial qualifications in higher ed and lots of research experience which made me incredibly qualified for jobs here but the only jobs left here are a no-go. I’m not going back to shit wages in state government and I’m not seeing anything else locally. We’d planned to move in another year. Goal was put in two years here (looking like a year at most now) and then move anywhere else. The custody situation is looking more like a summer and holidays situation with husband’s ex (which is actually better for us because of the 7 hour weekend drive) but that’s not uncomplicated.

Anyone relocate? How did it work?

Anyone pissed off this AM? What are you up to?


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