Good morning, GT! I hope this Sunday finds you well.

After a short but intense bout of screaming at people for fun and profit, I managed to have a pretty decent evening. We dropped WeePiglet off with a friend (which turned into a sleepover YAY), and then headed out to have dinner and beer festival funtimes with some friends that we adore but don't get to see nearly often enough.

Dinner was lovely and the beer festival was LOUD. I hate that. It was held in an old armory hall, so no soundproofing, and there was a band (why?) which decided to turn everything up to 11 (WHY). It doesn't have to be ear-bleedingly loud, folks.

Oh well, whatever. There was beer! I just finished putting all the beers I tried into Untappd, and the list isn't bad. There weren't too many really out-there things, and there were a lot of breweries represented that I know well, but it was fun and I tried a lot of things I wouldn't normally drink because I don't want to commit to a sixer of something that I am gonna hate.

Today's big plans include a gym visit and a possible trek to the grocery store.

But first: Coffee.