1. I came across this song on Pandora years ago and it's one of those songs that just grips me. I don't know how to describe it โ€” it's got one of those -shiver- moments right at the end. Just listen. I'll wait.

2. PhMom just said she didn't find it all that gripping. Sometimes it's like we speak totally different languages. Like the other day, she told me soccer was more exciting than baseball. Hey now.

3. The AC in our house isn't working. It's summer in Texas. We haven't crossed the century barrier yet, which actually makes me kind of nervous. Is God holding those days back to unleash them on us all at once?

4. Go here and download a Live version of They Might be Giants eponymous debut, aka "The Pink Album." You won't be disappointed, unless you are looking for music that makes some kind of "sense".


5. I got some cheap-ass red wine from Wal-Mart โ€” Oak Lawn or some shit. The Shiraz isn't bad; the Merlot is too sweet. I didn't see a Pinot Noir. I should just stick to Aldi's bottom shelf wine, Winking Owl, because it's the Cadillac of Champagnes of Cheap Wines.


6. TW nudity. You know what's not fair? There are seven people in the house: me, PhMom, the three Gradlings, and PhGramma. Gramma (my MIL) and I are the only ones who can't walk around naked. The kids are all at an age where nudity is just common practice; PhMom is daughter and wife and so has nudity license. But there's also the weird thing that I'm comfortable around my wife when she is undressed, but it's awkward when there's someone else there, too, like a Dr. or her mom.

7. We've been watching ST:TNG starting with Season 1. It starts out pretty dire, but most of the second half episodes are pretty good. It has a lot of "This is pretty much TOS, right?" episodes along with a few "This is totally different!" episodes. At least one of the TOS-like episodes is actually pretty good, though โ€” "Arsenal of Freedom," featuring a guest spot by Subway Ghost/Jenny Calendar's Roma Dad Vincent Shiavelli. There are some egregious plot holes and some super lame effects, but the overall effect works great.