Video is unrelated, I just like this song

1. PhMom was a theater major in college, and she's watching the Tony's. She says she loves it, but it always makes her really miss theater, particularly that opening that went all through backstage. She was a techie, i.e. the actually cool kind of theater person.

2. It's coming up on Father's Day, which is never easy for me. My father died when I was 18. I've been looking at old pictures of him, and it's freaky how much he looks like me, particularly since he's my age or a little younger in the pictures. On the other hand, my first son was born on Father's Day, and he's named after my father.

3. I recently finished reading Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown, because I'm a fan of Star Wars and also colons. It's not bad, if you don't expect to much. Seeing as how Maul was one of the only compelling characters in the prequel, it had a pretty good chance of not totally sucking, so long as it doesn't expose a softer, sensitive side of Maul and his tragic past that would change the way we look at the man behind the red and black tattoos, but [SPOILER ALERT] it doesn't.


4. Lately I've been thinking about getting another cat. I have one right now, although no one visiting my house would know since he hides from company and just about everyone until he's known them 4 or five years (in other words, he's just getting used to my firstborn). Sadly, his litter-mate died a couple of years ago, the week I was defending my dissertation, so I really didn't get a chance to mourn him. The cat wasn't named sadly: I'm saying it was sad that he died. The cats, who are cool cats, were of course named Bird and Dizzy (in contrast to their namesakes, it is Bird that survived). So if I do get another cat, I would name him after another jazz musician. Maybe Duke, Satchmo, or Mr. President.

5. There is a play apparently about cross-dressing hetero (well, married, at least) men vacationing in the Catskills. Or something. Just out of curiosity, for a friend, is there a term for a hetero man who likes to cross-dress as a form of stress relief but with no intention of looking like a woman?


6. Going into church this morning, we ran into one of our friends and her wife (yes, we have gay marrieds at our church, which is one of the things that makes me feel good vibes there). PhMom got to talking about them because of course they had to hold the baby, and she (PhMom, not the baby or either of the married women) asked them about having kids. That was always one of my least favorite questions as a newlywed "Are you going to have kids?" "How many kids are you wanting?" "You have any kids yet?" I'm not sure how they feel about it, but it makes a point: with marriage equality you also get annoying-question equality. And that is a good thing, too.

7. I know that musicals and whatnot are the bread and butter of Broadway, but would it kill them to put some play plays onstage live? Oh, and it turns out that I apparently didn't set the DVR up to record for long enough after. I'm in trouble, I think.