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Sunday Night Funk

I have been cranky all day for no particular reason. My period starts on Wednesday but I have really mellow periods. Maybe once a year I get cramps or need anything more than a light days panty liner, but that one time is the one where I get weepy and moody for no reason. I think this is that month. AND, my husband is craving sushi and went out THREE times to get it, but found all of our usual haunts closed. He was super pissed. So now he is cranky. And to top it off my cat is standing on the table yelling at the top of his lungs. Feeding time is in 12 minutes but he is cranky, too. Everyone in the house is in a funk. I am going to pour myself a margarita, get the hubs a beer and make a brownie sundae for us to split. If that doesn’t work, I am out of ideas. How are the rest of you faring? Any sure fire cures to get out of a funk?


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