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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday Night Lazy AF OT

I’m being lazy. I literally made my kid easy mac (she got to “help” which gave her joy) and made white rice for myself. I am having allergies so bad my eyes hurt. Our beautiful, shady oak is slowly killing us. We have a new patio that Mr. Bock built which I can’t enjoy!  This day has fucking sucked for a variety of reasons but feeling shit is definitely not helping.

So, I got the job. Waiting for my formal letter. Got a raise! Now I have to figure out how to give my notice. My now-boss didn’t make it easy for my old boss (took another job a little over a month ago) and she had to delay her start date by a week due to our boss deciding to take an impromptu vacation and then not being reachable by email or phone. I don’t have that kind of time and the people who need my notice the most are the people I do evaluations for and my students who will have to now take over projects that are well above the paygrade they are at at least enough to help in my wake. I feel terrible about this but this is the problem with having only one of me.


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