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Good evening y’all!

So Edie has proposed bringing back the daily news round-ups on GT, for those who haven’t seen. I figure since weekends tend to be slower news days from official outlets, and I volunteered to do Sundays, it could be more of a recap of the week! Kinda like Last Week Tonight, but not as witty.

A few caveats:

1) Obviously I am only one person, so this is not gonna be *all* the news, but hopefully the bulk of the big stuff.


2) I’ll try to keep a healthy mix - I know the lot of us are at the very least politically aware, some of us more than a little engaged, but we can’t always be down. I’ll try to put some light news stories in the mix.

3) I’m in the US, but I will try my best to highlight international stories of import.

And of course, feel free to add anything that we could all stand to know more about. So, that said, and without further ado:


Some lighter fare:


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