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Sunday Night OT (waves elegantly with her second glass of Merlot)

Welp. Its snowing in the greater DC area and I’m having a me party at a Japanese restuarant. It was supposed to have been a tinder date with one of the more promising matches I’ve had in a while. We were originally supposed to have met up on Wed, except I came down with a light case of the flu. I’m 99% better and was determined to not cancel tonight so I trekked out, only to have him cancel last minute, which I’m less than thrilled with.

Hard cut to me eating teriyaki on my own and ordering a second glass of Merlot because why the fuck not? How the fuck are you all this evening?

Optional questions are optional:

If you could have any superpower you wanted, BUT it would only be for 24 hours and you couldn’t tell anyone during or after, what would you choose?


If you had one moment with any sitting politician, Republican or Democrat, what would you say? (Disclaimer: Pulpoperdida cannot NOT guarantee to presence of NSA agents on this thread.)

Do you remember birch beer? It was a popular soda right? I’m not going crazy? WHERE did it go? Did you take it?? GIVE IT BACK!

This is more of a statement, but I find the current internet craze around Penn Badgley’s stalker character on the Netflix show You to be deeply creepy and an interesting comment on how far feminism has to go with respect to popular culture. That said, as someone who never watched Gossip Girl, shit, Penn Badgley.

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