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Sunday Night Personal Brain Dump

Wow, it's been a not unstressful week. It has. I just need to chill. Brain, could you supply me with some jazz-based hip-hop from the 90s?

1. I interviewed for a dream job this past Monday, and was told the winner would be announced this week. So I of course spent Tuesday through Friday obsessively checking my e-mail every five minutes or so.


Yeah, it turns out "this week" means "probably maybe next week?" and I'm torn between holding on to hope and accepting the probability that, while they really enjoyed meeting with me, the position was filled by another candidate. Not thinking about it is a non-starter of a strategy. It's like trying to not think about a pink Elephant.

2. Oh, and I've also had a bad cough all week. I can't really take any real cough medicine, because my research has suggested that combining dextromethorphan has a potential side effect of

3. Speaking of which, what's up with the new editor? I'm using the old one right now. How do I embed a YouTube video or a linked image? That's all I can't figure out about it; it looks pretty nifty otherwise.


4. You know what's great about listening to all of my music in alphabetical order? Hearing back to back versions of the same song performed by John Coltrane and Bjork. Free internetz to anyone who can tell me the title of the song!

5. Anybody watch Agents of SHIELD? I'm finally caught up (which kind of sucks, because I'm having to wait SEVEN WHOLE DAYS! between episodes). It's not bad, not great. But I have an in-universe question: do the X-Men not exist? Is this post "Scarlet Witch wishes away all the mutants"? Are they just really below the radar, and every body just buys that Professor X is a handi-capable headmaster of a school for gifted kids? I'm guessing it has something to do with who owns who, Marvel-wise. Seriously, fuck capitalism.



Tomorrow will be 5 weeks for PhBabygirl, which means PhMom has her six weeks checkup next Monday, unless she can move it up to Friday. This will mean she is MCTF (Medically Cleared To Fuck), and PhGramma is going out of town for TG. So, assuming the PhKiddos will cooperate by sleeping all at the same time, I may get to be thankful for sexytimes!


7. Okay, so a bit more TMI: have you ever had the situation of having that one particular sexual favor that puts you in a great mood for a couple of days after, and you really want to share with the world how great you feel and why, but you you realize you probably shouldn't?

8. We're heading into the least wonderful time of the year, i.e. Chri$tma$ i.e. "Holiday." Is there any other category of music that contains more just godawful shit music than "Holiday" music?


9. I need to remember to eat up that bread pudding I made this past week. It'd be pretty ironic to end up throwing out half of the desert I made specifically to avoid having to throw out a whole loaf of past-date bread.

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