A random collection of things happening in my brain tonight. Please feel free to share yours.

I’m trying not to read the stories about Elena Ferrante getting doxxed. It probably doesn’t matter at this point, but she wanted her privacy, and it feels wrong to read about her identity being revealed. Also, because everything now apparently has to be about this never ending goddamned election, I saw someone trying to compare Trump’s taxes being released by the NYTimes to the Ferrante doxxing and I just... the inability to grasp context is shocking.

I finally got to watch the pilot of Pitch, and I can tell that that show will be my weekly cathartic cry. The only sport I truly love is football (European/world varietal), and I enjoy baseball when I’m watching a game live. But sports-centered movies and TV shows are the friggin’ best.

This list of Men We Don’t Hate from Pajiba is enjoyable. And it begins with the very best one.


Finally, I ordered sushi and it was delicious, but now I’m still hungry and I kind of want another order of sushi.