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Skymeat has graciously volunteered to talk about Internet security in the home (and also maybe knot tying I think?)

Story has also graciously offered to answer any questions about data science/data visualization that folks might have.

I’ll start 3 threads in the comments:

Thread 1 and 2 will be for Skymeat and Story respectively. In each case, I’ll start things off with a few general questions to get the ball rolling. They can answer when they get a chance to and other people can follow up with their own questions about the subject. Try to keep to the correct thread, just to keep things organized.


Thread 3 will be a miscellaneous catch all thread. Working on something skills/self dev related and want to brag? Got a question? Put it there.

Eta. I am a terrible flake and totally forgot that Mockingbird had also offered to talk about martial arts!! Sorry Mockingbird again and thanks for doing this! Just to not confuse things I’m not going to start a new thread, but if you have questions for her you should head over to the miscellaneous thread and ask them there.

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